Our Thai inspired striking concepts program is a self defense and fitness based training program focusing primarily on fitness, technique and conditioning. 

Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) is the first leg of our fitness program is an ancient martial that originated in Thailand. It is a form of full contact kickboxing that utilizes kicks and punches as well as elbow and knee strikes.
Because of the eight points of contact (two feet, two fists, two knees and two elbows), Muay Thai is often called “The science of the Eight Limbs“. To this day, Muay Thai is the official national sport of Thailand. The goal in Muay Thai competition is to defeat the opponent by knockout or in the absence of a knockout by a decision of the judges.

Fitness iss the second leg of our striking program. You have to be able to make it through the initial barage in a fight, the adrenaline dump, to continue and survive. In sport you have to be able to take it into the late rounds and have something left. Our striking program at CC focuses on fitness, being able to move seamlessly through the levels (standing/clinch/ground). We learn striking techniques and concepts as well as drills to pressure test each other in tough situations. You will compete or fight like you train so reality based training is an important part of all our programs at CC.

 The third leg of our striking program draws from Filipino Martial Arts. Our training in Mike Janich's Martial Blade Concepts and Counter Blade Concepts provides one leg of our training. Real world tactical strikes not intended for sport, but for self protection. Foot traps, low line kicks and leg sweeps along with cycling punches, hammerfists and more are are foundational along with Thai Boxing. Come check out a class.