Martial Blade Concepts

The only certified training center for MBC in the Upstate

Michael Janich, Founder of MBC
Michael Janich has been studying and teaching self-defense and the martial arts for more than 35 years. He has earned instructor’s credentials in American Self-Protection (ASP – an eclectic art that includes elements of judo, aikido, boxing, fencing and French Savate), the Filipino art of Serrada Eskrima, and Joseph Simonet’s Silat Concepts and is a member of the elite International Close-Combat Instructors’ Association. He has also trained extensively in wing chun gung fu, tae kwon do, wu ying tao, Thai boxing, arnis de mano and military combatives. Janich is also one of the foremost modern authorities on handgun point shooting and is one of the few contemporary instructors to have been personally trained by the late close-combat legend Colonel Rex Applegate.
A certified Training Center 
Carolina Combatives ia a Certified Training Center in Mike Janich's Martial Blade Concepts (MBC) system.  MBC is a reality based system of self defense primarily focusing on the carry, deployment and use of the every day carry (EDC) edged weapon/knife.  While some systems focus on training with weapons or "knives" that bear little resemblence to anything one may see or carry on U.S. streets, MBC focuses on the use of and defense against commonly encountered weapons and attacks.  Our local training group, led by Caoch Trent Praytor meets weekly and trains closely with one of Mike's top full instructors in the southeast United States, Robby Cook from the Athens Georgia area. We are lucky to have Robby and other top notch instructors come visit often to help us grow. 
Self Protection, Simplified
The beauty of MBC is its ease of learning and application. We have a varied group of genders and ages in our training group. Fathers and daughters, young and old alike. If bjj or striking arts aren't for you then MBC may be the perfect addition to your training goals. Our training group is one of only 2 certified clubs in the state of South Carolina for Martial Blade Concepts and the only one in the Upstate.