Group Fitness Classes

A variety of workouts consiting of fitness and High Intersity Interval Training

Small Group Classes
Small group fitness classes at Carolina Combatives are usually
3-6 people so our coaches give personalized attention to our training partners. 
The Scinece Behind The Process.
Workouts at Carolina Combatives Combat Fit are rooted in principles of high intensity and interval training, martial arts and kinesiology. Our lead coach for fitness programs, Joel Williams is a doctorally prepared educator with a history in excercise science.  He  has training and experience in working with clients/students to get optimum results from their training experience.
Functional Fitness
Our Combat Fit group workouts are a mixture of exercise and high intensity elements and martial arts/self defense movements.  We do pad work, punching, kicking, knees etc., as well as some grappling work on the ground.