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    Realistic training
  2.                                                         A Jiu Jistu Family
    A Jiu Jistu Family
Carolina Combatives and Fitness, LLC

Striking - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - Martial Blade Concepts - Grappling

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    Striking Concepts
    Our striking program is three fold, Thai Boxing, Filipino Martial Arts, and Fitness.
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    Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
    Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the single most effective martial art you can learn for self defense. Unlike most martial arts, BJJ doesn't rely on size and strength, but focuses on leverage and joint manipulation. The system equips a smaller trained person to use technique and intelligence to defeat a much larger and stronger opponent. Most real world altercations start standing, but go to the ground so training in a martial art that focuses on ground combat is essential for self-protection. Additionally BJJ in unparalleled in producing overall strength, flexibility and conditioning. Practitioners exert a great deal of energy during rolls/training on the mats, and the exertion will get you into peak physical condition. Most importantly BJJ is always fun and challenging activity and exercise
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    Martial Blade Concepts (MBC)
    The stick and knife combatives program at CC is based in the long history of edged weapon tactics and combat from the Filipino martial arts (FMA). Our South Carolina Training Group meets every Saturday morning at 9am for training. We focus on practical, real world self protection against edged weapons and using edged weapons. Our primary training blade is a standard "folding lock blade" knife like most every day carries "EDC." We train practical scenarios with blade and also empty hand against blade, along with proper carry and deployment. The training group is laid back and very non threatening, but a fantastic opportunity to practice real world self-protection against a potentially very real threat.
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    Krav Maga
    Our Krav Maga classes are structured to be a fun and heart pounding experience while learning self defense concepts and techniques.
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    No Gi Grappling
    No gi grappling at Clemson Combatives is conceptually all encompassing of grappling arts including BJJ, folkstyle wrestling, freestyle wrestling, Judo, Sambo and more. Where jiu jitsu is "fine motor" submission wresting or no gi is "gross motor." Speed, transitions, agility, aggression and tenacity are key features in our no gi grappling program. The training is fast paced and a definite grind, but well worth it in the end. Our no gi program is seen as a terrific enhancement to our BJJ program.
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    Kids Programs
    Kids programs at CC are fun and challenging. Classes are divided into age appropriate groups so students have the opportunity to learn and grow at a pace and in a way best suited for their progression.